Manchester United’s Official NFT Selection Is Now Available On Tezos

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Tezos has officially launched the Manchester United NFTs. This first collection is free to all fans and there is no cost to mint. This collectible will be the key to all future Manchester United virtual experiences. This collectible will allow you to access exclusive content and players.

Manchester United’s first drop was a gift for fans. Credit: Manchester United

What Manchester United NFTs are Available?

The NFTs are a collection of keys that will unlock future Manchester United experiences. The Classic Key gives fans the ability to participate in giveaways and drops. It also grants members access to Discord channels that are not available to everyone else. The Rare Key offers the same benefits, but with better giveaways, discounts, conversations with celebrities players, and more. The Ultra Rare Key also includes the same benefits as the Rare Key and an invitation to Old Trafford for the Manchester United experience.

The NFTs are the key to future Manchester United drops. Credit: Manchester United.

What is the Roadmap for NFTs

Registration was the first step in the timeline. The second phase is already underway. Fans can claim their first collectible free of charge as an NFT gift, and they can also join the Club’s Discord channel. Future drops will also be available. Fans will need to pay for future drops. This is a rare opportunity to join the Manchester United virtual community, without having to pay.

Manchester United is looking to create a virtual community. Credit: Prolific North

Manchester United goes virtual?

Manchester United has set out to create the largest virtual football community. These Manchester United NFTs are being released on Tezos. This club is building the foundation to something that will be remembered by fans for many years. It’s a great opportunity to get involved in the action through exclusive drops and player interactions. This is a must-have collectible for any football fan.

NFT Evening’s Manchester United Official NFT Collection is Now Available on Tezos

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